We are Arden, Bruce, Nick, and Scott. Let's Play NYC is our guide to playing golf in New York City. It was conceived out of necessity and a desire to learn the best and least expensive ways to play golf in the five boroughs. It’s taken ten years and plenty of missteps to get here, but we've figured things out. Let’s Play NYC is here for you, the city golfer who wants to get out there, but isn't sure how to do it.


In the beginning, we were a crew of young bucks: navigating the "goin' out scene" and recovering on Sundays. But, it was on one of these Sundays (fueled by breakfast sandwiches) that we discovered Flushing Meadows Park Pitch & Putt in Queens—where it all began.1

Over the years we've played Flushing dozens of times, perfecting the nuances of the false breaks, and knowing which holes were the best to take a leak. Once we improved to the point of not missing the ball entirely or skulling it past the next hole, we thought to ourselves, 'what's next?' What other courses were at our disposal in the city we had grown to love? But that question led to others like: where exactly are these courses, how much do they cost, and most importantly, how the fuck do we get there?

We did our due diligence—we read the reviews that were out there, visited various websites, and spoke to some natives. It soon became obvious: In order for us to really know what we were getting ourselves into, we had to figure it out on our own. So that’s what we’ve done, and we're passing that knowledge on to you. We’re not going to give sophisticated opinions about the "layout of the course" or what the slope rating is, but we’ll tell you if the R train is really your best option for getting there. Or, when you do go, if you’d be better off grabbing a bite beforehand.

Now...Let's Play NYC!