Clearview Park Golf Course - Bayside, Queens


202-12 Willets Point Boulevard in Bayside, Queens near the Throgs Neck Bridge. Public Transit: The QM2 and QM20 will both get you within walking distance of the course. Driving: Take Cross Island Parkway to exit 33, turn onto Cross Island Parkway Service Road; course is on the right.

Standard NYC public course rates, with many tee-times available on the various golf deal sites. Parking fee is $3.

Here’s the Story:
“Wow, look at that clear view of the Throgs Neck Bridge!” And so gave rise to the name Clearview Park Golf Course. That sounds likely enough, right? Scroll through our pics and you will see there are some spectacular views from the course, but getting there will likely mean having access to wheels. Like most places in NYC a bus will get you “close”, but with the proximity to highways, we suggest driving to this one.

Once there, you will find a nice clubhouse with plenty of Clearview branded apparel to buy. Rock the performance pullover half-zip golf vest at the next company outing, and be the envy of none of your co-workers. Being arguably “the most played golf course on the east coast,” Clearview will give you plenty of time to shop and eat before your round. Luckily, there’s a proper kitchen and full bar for you to kick it before your name is called. We’ve played Clearview on a non-holiday Monday, arrived a half an hour before our round, and still had to wait past our tee-time. In other words, we’re not sure about being the most played golf course, but it damn sure is busy.

The good news is there’s a reason so many people want to play here. Yes, they give out tee-times like candy, but course conditions and diversity of holes are some of the best in the city. In particular we really enjoyed the finishing holes, which feature a par 3 over water, and 17-18 have those views previously mentioned.

With all the good that is Clearview, we would be remiss if we didn’t mention a few of the quirks as well. We mentioned proximity to the highway earlier, and when playing you will notice a fair amount of holes on the front nine that run parallel to the Clearview Expressway. Not only does it run parallel, but it’s so close to the tee-box they’ve actually altered one of the holes because so many people were blasting drives onto the highway. There are even signs directing players where to aim their tee shots. If a sign can help with my golf game, how about one on the green that reads “don’t three putt!”

Their rangers are also referred to as “ambassadors”, and for some reason they don’t typically employ a cart girl on the course. We’ve asked about this, and they said they only have one when it’s busy. The Let’s Play crew really enjoyed Clearview, but we’d rather not experience their definition of busy.